Thinking about where the journeys of fellow travellers are taking them

Airports are truly fascinating places. As well as the excitement they bring us as a gateway to adventure (or gateway to reality on the return journey) I find them to be the ultimate people watching spots. Sitting amongst the rows of black benches one sees travellers of all sorts pass by; from business executives to bohemian backpackers, and everything in between.

I love thinking about where this particular journey of theirs will end – perhaps it will be in the boardroom at the top of a high tech office building in Dubai, or perhaps at the top of Mount Fuji as the sun rises over Tokyo. This speculation passes much of the time I spend waiting in travel terminals.

For me, there is as much or even more scope for speculation like this in bus and train stations. While the morning commuter crowd – of which I am a proud member – may at first glance appear to contain little in the way of variety, a closer look can give rise to many stories. Who have I been sharing a train carriage with today? An architect about to submit an idea for a beautiful new building? A film director en route to a meeting with the producers who will help to make their creative vision a reality? Maybe a CEO on their way to a morning meeting to make huge decisions that will effect hundreds of people working with them?

Around the world billions of us travel each and every day, some doing a short hop to work and others flying thousands of miles on a great adventure. While the journey is often the greatest part of a story I like to think too of each one’s destination; with so many different people going to so many different destinations the potential for characters and stories is mind boggling in its brilliance.

Commuters at Guildford Railway Station

Where are they all going today?