Word on the Water

London is a city not without its problems. Rents are rising, the air is polluted, many of the transport networks can barely cope with the rush hour hoardes, and for many of us… Continue reading

Pottering through Barcelona, as designed by Gaudi

Spending four nights in Barcelona provides one with enough material to write dozens of blogs, so condensing it into just one is quite tricky! From the winding cobbled streets of the Gothic quarter,… Continue reading

Books, Art and Chickpeas

Last week’s blog post was my (hopefully good) effort at taking you on a whistlestop tour of the historical side of Dublin; from Georgian architecture to Victorian pubs. Dublin also has a more… Continue reading

Stoker, Wilde and Pearse

Dublin is an amazing city, filled with history and culture. The title of this blog post refers to some of the literary and political contributed to this side of the city, and I… Continue reading

The Magical Lantern Festival

I often (I say often but in actuality mean annually) find myself, as we approach the latter half of February, beginning to think about the arrival of Spring. I get excited for the… Continue reading

A Recommendation from an American Man Outside an Irish Pub in an Italian City

When travelling we all like to discover something a little different, something that those to whom we tell our tales upon our return are not expecting to hear about. Walking down that winding¬†side… Continue reading

Lumiere – The Ultimate Cinnamon Stroll

A walk through Lumiere London – a spectacular showcase of illuminations and public art. I can’t think of a better way to warm up a cold Winter night.

Oh, how time flies

Thinking back on the past four months fills me with a variety of feelings (all positive!). I am amazed at just how quickly these months have¬†flown on by, I am proud of how… Continue reading

Bluebirds are go!

Bluebird Tea Co. is an independent tea blending company based in Brighton. The last Friday of each month sees their teashop stay open late into the evening, in order to give tea enthusiasts like myself the chance to go behind the scenes and get a lesson in master blending.

Town Of Books

A literary adventure in Hay on Wye; from curious bookshops to vintage interiors.