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Oh, how time flies

Thinking back on the past four months fills me with a variety of feelings (all positive!). I am amazed at just how quickly these months have¬†flown on by, I am proud of how… Continue reading

Thinking about where the journeys of fellow travellers are taking them

Millions of us travel each day, some on a long journey and others on a shorter one. The game of pondering about where each person we share a journey with is going that day is one that never fails to make me smile.

Miniature Notebooks – Snapshot Writing

I adore photography and the art of taking a great picture. From capturing a scene lit by the sun while it is low in the sky, to using macro focus to really capture… Continue reading

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

The end of university, for me, was reminiscent of the closing scenes of the final Lord Of The Rings film. After going through several years of exciting events and experiencing the highs and… Continue reading

What’s So Funny?

A note on laughing to yourself in public. Sometimes we find ourselves getting wound up in a funny memory; either bemusing or entertaining those around us.