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Pottering through Barcelona, as designed by Gaudi

Spending four nights in Barcelona provides one with enough material to write dozens of blogs, so condensing it into just one is quite tricky! From the winding cobbled streets of the Gothic quarter,… Continue reading

In December Drinking Horchata

That wonderful lyric in Vampire Weekend’s cosy song Horchata always makes me think of winter and huddling up with a hot drink. It also forms the final third of the title for this… Continue reading

Bridge Over the River My Oh My

When I was offered the opportunity to work in Seville I immediately began looking through the guidebooks that I had consulted for my trip to Andalucía in 2013. I was curious to explore… Continue reading

The Big Festive Switch On

Those who remember one of my earlier posts will remember how my brain often divides itself into sub committees when many thoughts need to be thought. In October it was to deal with… Continue reading

Churros for Breakfast, and on the Importance of Calendars

Churros make for a most wonderful breakfast, and having the wrong date in mind for the visit of a friend makes for a most panic filled revelation.

Every Stroll is a Gift

Cities gain a new beauty come night time. Embrace it, and look up

Escape to the Country

This past weekend saw a few of us on the Leonardo scheme escape from the hustle bustle of Seville for the day. A number of things popped into my head as the bus… Continue reading

Flamenco: A Very Brief History

As promised last week, this post will start to explain the actual title of this blog. Being one third of the way through my time here, it seems like a good time to… Continue reading

It’s The Little Things…

It’s the little sights and sounds we notice that make places unique, as well as the big things we travel there for in the first place. Taking that one left turn instead of heading straight to your destination could unveil something truly magical, whether it’s a cosy café or beautiful building

Bienvenido, this is how it starts…

It’s the end of October, and today we are thinking about sunbathing on a patio bar. Seville’s southerly situation means that at the same time one is considering what to wear to a Halloween… Continue reading