The Magical Lantern Festival

I often (I say often but in actuality mean annually) find myself, as we approach the latter half of February, beginning to think about the arrival of Spring. I get excited for the warmer mornings, longer hours of sunshine and the brighter colours of the blossoming plants.

Regular readers may be familiar with the concept of the Cinnamon Stroll – a combination of any number of factors including positive mindset, warming music, delicious fuel and wonderful destinations that make being outside during the colder months nothing short of wonderful. With winter returning to the stage for an encore performance, this past weekend was the perfect time for another Cinnamon Stroll.

On a cold February night, our delicious fuel was pizza (later supplemented by hot chocolate) and our wonderful destination was the Magical Lantern Festival held at Chiswick House and Gardens.

Benjy Rider

The glowing entrance to the festival


A twinkling walkway


A sparkling bamboo forest

The festival has come to London for the first time, coinciding with Chinese New Year. Until 3rd March the fantastic light installations will adorn the gardens of the famous old house in Chiswick.


Majestic illuminated swans


Golden orbs lighting up the night sky


Shimmering carp

Each turn on the hour long lantern walk revealed yet another beautifully crafted lantern; from majestic swans to spectacular dragons. With celebrations of light such as this, and Lumiere before it, I find myself wanting to make the absolute most of the long winter nights.


The regal elephants


The monumental dragon at the end of the walk