Oh, how time flies

Thinking back on the past four months fills me with a variety of feelings (all positive!). I am amazed at just how quickly these months have flown on by, I am proud of how many wonderful things occurred in them; and I am also slightly ashamed of just how long it has been since last I found myself writing for this blog. Now that I am finally sitting down to once again upload my miscellaneous random rambling, I find myself reflecting on a number of things.

September was the month of all things new. A new city as I finally realised one of my long held dreams, and moved to London. There is so much adventure to be found in the city, which could have inspired hundreds of rambles and ponders already – from the live music of Everything Everything, Django Django or Thumpers, to underground film clubs and Phileas Fogg’s expedition unfolding on stage. I now hope to resume my regular uploads using a new wave of adventures near and far for my inspiration. It was the other half of the month of the new which I am sing as my excuse for blogging silence. A new job has seen me on a hugely exciting learning curve; it has been an amazing journey so far but while I got in the swing of things I found myself with less time to muse, ramble and ponder here.

After the wonderful whirlwind of a new home and a new job had settled down into more of a brilliant breeze, I realised just how much I missed the world of WordPress. So here we are; a new year bringing a new promise from me to do my best to muse, ponder and possibly even ramble on the blogosphere as oft as I can. From film and music to adventures and curiosities – here’s to the future.

Tune in next time and join me for a journey through the winter, on a cinnamon stroll.