I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

The end of university, for me, was reminiscent of the closing scenes of the final Lord Of The Rings film. After going through several years of exciting events and experiencing the highs and lows of early adult life it was time for us to scatter to new lands while seeking life’s next adventure. Emotional farewells ensued as the time for us came to depart the city and company we had come to love; promising to reunite as often as possible.

Before I knew it, I found myself living in Seville and then preparing to leave Seville – with another hard goodbye between a fellowship of friends. Partings of friends are always sad but I find hidden not too far below this bitterness there is the remarkably sweet knowledge that the friendship is strong enough to survive time and distance. Last weekend saw the happy occasion of reuniting with my friends from my Birmingham days as well as my Seville days.

This led to a day of scrumptious food, crafty drinks and best of all the chance to catch up with old friends. Starting with a pre lunch tipple and some gurning of the highest quality in Cherry Red’s (one of Birmingham’s best café bars) with my amigas Sevilla, I then went on to meet with those from my university days.  Our day took us through some of Birmingham’s best social spots; from The Sun on the Hill to Lost and Found, Jekyll & Hyde and Island Bar. If you ever find yourself in the wonderful city that is Birmingham I highly recommend these places.

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No reunion would be complete…without some silly faces

Benjy Rider

Reuniting with my university friends

The best friendships generate a juxtaposition of time; whereby the world and life fly by in a sometimes blurry, often exciting sequence of happenings for all involved, and yet as soon as old friends reunite it’s as if no time has passed at all. We reminisce about shenanigans past as if they were yesterday and resume recurring jokes like they never stopped. It would take far, far more than the mere passing of time to fade the light of the brightest friendships. Here’s waiting with excitement for more reunions to come