Bienvenido, this is how it starts…

Flowers at Plaza de Espana

Flowers at Plaza de Espana

It’s the end of October, and today we are thinking about sunbathing on a patio bar. Seville’s southerly situation means that at the same time one is considering what to wear to a Halloween party, one is also considering what shorts and shirt combo to rock today. Added to this regular climate, it also seems that Andalucía is experiencing an autumn heatwave – even the locals are complaining about the heat.

My brain has now divided itself into three main thought processes. The first is fretting about when this glorious weather will break – in the way that Sarah Connor warned a young Mexican boy about the approaching storm, while the second tells the first to cheer right up and enjoy the fact that we are sunbathing at the end of October. The third school of thought has me thinking about the ride that has been my first week of living in Spain – from having to move apartment after less than twenty four hours to finding out what on Earth I’m actually doing here for two months.

Hearing that I moved flat after less than a day may set the alarm bells ringing with some (especially those for whom the memory of dodgy student housing is fresh). I have moved flat at short notice twice in my life; the first time was following the owner of the shop below where I lived in Birmingham cutting off our electricity after a bills dispute went unresolved. This time was the simple result of our Spanish letting agent mixing up who was who – I look like I could be called Rianne, apparently – which left four of us living in each other’s flats. An evening spent riding the metro back and forth across Seville had this sorted right out and I now write this while sat in a lovely little place in the Nervion district. Of course the letting agency, being proud of having made such a perfect pear shape, were unwilling to assist.

The opening week out of nine to be spent here has been spent getting to know our new, beautiful surroundings, settling into new routines and in my case, regularly and brutally slaughtering the Spanish language. On Tuesday I start my work placement at the Museo del Baile Flamenco, the world’s leading institution for the performance and history of this truly stunning aspect of Spanish culture. More to be said on that in subsequent weeks as well as on the art and culture of Seville as whole.

All this talk of DIY relocation, sun bathing and Flamenco may leave readers wondering what in the world this little blog is actually all about. I am part of a group that have received funding from the Leonardo Programme to fly out to Seville in order to gain work experience in the European cultural sector. It is a truly incredible opportunity which I am delighted to be part of and I hope that my ramblings over the next two months will showcase this.

I feel this is a good place to leave this introduction, as I prepare myself for life as a museum professional in this great city.

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